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We are well known manufacturer and exporter of Red Canarium Veneer Sheet, Basswood Veneer, Dillenia Veneer, Birch Veneer & other veneers. The range also finds use in ply, chipboard and block-board - as its face or back.

Collaborative business policy along with deep knowledge of the industry has allowed us to offer Red Canarium Veneer Sheet, Basswood Veneer, and allied products in top quality. We also leverage on our experience, work flexibility and dedicated efforts of our employees to deliver excellence in every aspect. Further, we ensure that good management practices are followed by us so that we can meet client's requirements for veneers in different grades, thicknesses and sizes.  Their standard applications are found in furniture factories and woodworking shops.

What Distinguishes Us From Other Manufacturers?

  • Stable and requisite logs material
  • Technologically advanced equipment & experienced personnel
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Large quantity of output
  • Quality at competitive price
  • More than a decade of export experience
  • Expert service

Our products are result of our more than a decade of experience and advanced technology. Our craftsmen always try to offer only highest quality veneers and allied products, by working with the best materials to produce a range made to our client's individual requirements.

We work as a team and always stress on improving the service for clients by studying their demands and provide them the veneers accordingly. Plus, we will continually increase our product portfolio by introducing more veneer types.

Products We Offer:

  • Veneer
    • Red Canarium Veneer
    • Basswood Veneer
    • Bintangor Veneer
    • Rotary Cut Bintangor Venee
    • Okoume Veneer
    • Keruing Veneer For Ply
    • Gurjan Veneer
    • Mersawa Veneer
    • Rotary Cut Mersawa Veneer
    • Pencil Cedar Veneer
    • Dillenia Veneer
    • Pine Veneer
    • Birch Veneer
    • Water Gum Veneer
    • Poplar Veneer
    • PA Veneer
    • PLB Veneer
    • Recon Face Veneer
    • Radiate Pine Veneer
    • Bleached Poplar Veneer
    • Mixed Hardwood Veneer
    • Rengas Veneer
  • Cross Grain Okoume Veneer
  • Birch Veneer
  • Beech Veneer

Production Flow:

  • Logs material
  • Peeling
  • Measuring thickness
  • Measuring MC
  • Veneer in pallet
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Packaging in the container

Our procuring agents carefully purchase logs from certified suppliers. The logs are then cut and peel into veneer sheets of different length and width. All the veneers are then dried in a kiln and its moisture content is measured using a moisture analyzer. Veneers are sorted according to client's requirements and packaged into pallets.