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Single source for quality Veneer Sheet and Veneer Sheet from all kinds of hardwood in the world.

Products We Offer

Products We Offer

Our company specializes in manufacturing and export of different types of hardwood veneers, mentioned below:...
Production Flow

Production Flow

Our production flow explains the operations our professionals execute in our 20 branch factories....
Most Popular Products
Okoume Face Veneer
Mersawa Veneer
Gurjan Veneer
Keruing Veneer

About Us

New Stary Industrial Co., Ltd., Gaoqing, Shandong Sheng (China) based firm established in 2001 specializes in all types of Veneers, Hardwood Veneer, Veneer Sheet ,Wood Veneer. Through the years since its beginning, our company has become a recognizable identity, earned respect in the veneer market and its products have been appreciated by clients from several corners of the world, including:
  • Central South America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Middle-East
  • Africa