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Composite Panels

New Stary Industrial Co., Ltd. is manufacturer, exporter of PVDF Aluminum Composite Panels and standard Aluminum Composite Panels. These are known for having higher durability, strength along with excellent peel strength. Further, the composite panels are also completely resistant to fungus and weather conditions, specially alterations in temperature & pressure. Their main use in the construction and building segment, wherein they are used to construct wall boards, tunnel's ceiling, exterior curtains walls and promotional boards. These are easy to apply/install and maintain, hence they are a value-for-money product.

Specifications of Composite Panels
  • PVDF and Polyester coatings are available
  • Maximum length is according to client's requirements
  • Maximum width is 1550 mm and thickness is 3mm / 4mm
  • Brushed, mirror faced, wood pattern, and other color / texture options